About Us

PavitraPlus stands for Pure Love ❤️

With utmost love, care and sensitivity to your needs, we offer purest and best of Wedding Care - State-of-the-Art Natural Specialist Personal Care for To-be Brides and Grooms, Wedding Accessories, along with Beauty and Style Tips, and accompanying Services.

For ensuring safety and quality of our products, we put our products through long periods of research, trials and testing.  This makes our products effective, and fulfill their purpose.


More than 100,000+ customers have found these products to be effective, useful and value for money.  The next one could be you! 


PavitraPlus is managed by a professional team from IITs, INSEAD with deep background in Nature Led Wellbeing, Tech and Finance.


So be rest assured about your experience with PavitraPlus - we believe in delivering value.  We will ensure you get value.  And if you feel you have not got value from PavitraPlus, send us a WhatsApp here, and we will respond at the soonest.


PavitraPlus Team is credited to bringing the natural and organic products revolution in the country, and has extensive background and experience around the same.  The team brings all the qualities of Pure and True Indian Brand to the company's products and philosophy:

Honesty, Purity and Efficacy