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PavitraPlus Skincare Kit has helped thousands of users across the country regain their Lost Radiance using extracts of our well-researched ancient Indian traditions based Skincare Kit. GIFT RADIANCE to yourself, and your friends and family and make this Diwali shine bright with Glow, Radiance and Purity!

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If absolutely safe ingredients is what you look for, PavitraPlus is the destination!

Pavitra stands for purity. Purity of love for our customers, of our commitment to safe ingredients and of the beauty we deliver through effective formulations.

Our products fulfill body care, grooming, facial care, skincare, and hair care needs.

W carefully select ingredients, some organic, some certified natural, and ensure there are no chemicals and preservatives in our products. We say No to Animal Testing and our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure we adhere to top quality standards.

Our products have proven effective, useful, and cost-effective for over 100,000 users.

Lastly, we do not believe in just making good products. We believe in ensuring they work for you.

We guarantee you will realize that once you use our products :-)

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